narra terra:
where and how

Between Val d’Orcia and Amiata Mountain: in the Artistic, Natural and Cultural Park, recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site

Narra Terra is the story of exceptional places and equally unique characters. Corners of the world that are complex due to their position: far from the main routes and therefore often marginalized. Where the land becomes difficult to work… but where the views are lost in sight. Postcard villages and views, and ancient traditions that have been handed down for generations. Narra Terra is the telling of these stories, with the added value that the voices are those of the protagonists who lived them, for an unforgettable authentic experience.

Narra Terra was born from a choral project that characterizes the community cooperatives of Vivo d’Orcia and Monticchiello, close in customs, spirit and intentions. On the other hand, community cooperatives are a new model of social innovation, where citizens are both producers and beneficiaries. There could only be a set of activities and services made available to all those attentive visitors, who themselves wish to come into contact with our reality, becoming direct users of it. Inclusion, sustainability and respect for what surrounds us are the founding values of our personal and professional work, and we joyfully want to defend it together with those who want to share the same ideals.

The Parco Vivo community cooperative was born from the desire to enhance the naturalistic, historical and cultural aspects of the mountain village Vivo d’Orcia, starting from a profound knowledge of the territory.

Social and cultural project born in the 1960s. Having grown up around a new idea of theater called “autodrama”, today the Teatro Povero of Monticchiello is structured as a community cooperative, active on multiple fronts.

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