Bagno Vignoni

Thermal village in the heart of the Orcia Valley, which offers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of its warm waters, both at the natural open-air springs and in the numerous wellness centers.

The Mill Park, one of the most important in the entire valley, is an archaeological site of great importance, the construction of which is essentially due to the presence of the thermal spring.

In the setting of the most authentic Orcia Valley, with postcard views of the village of Castiglione d’Orcia: regenerating in the hot thermal waters of Bagno Vignoni has a spiritual power rather than a therapeutic one…

An ancient hospital located in a strategic place, along the Francigena connection road – today it is transformed into a mill that grinds ancient grains with slow processing, which respects the properties of the grain.

Preserving tradition and history is our most precious mission.


Dating back to the twelfth century, the Spedaletto Castle represented an ancient “hospital” to welcome pilgrims along the Via Francigena, which in the Middle Ages connected Rome to northern Italy. Belonging to the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala in Siena, restoration work was carried out during the 15th century which modified the original structure, giving it the appearance of a grange or fortified farm.

Today it houses the Mill of the Orcia Valley.


Authentic medieval village in the heart of the Orcia Valley, it still maintains all its peculiarities intact, such as the large tower, the walls, the Church of SS. Leonardo and Cristoforo. Aspects that the attentive visitor can prefer, with postcard scenarios.

Since 1967, the Poor Theater of Monticchiello has strongly characterized the fate of the community, which in the large square is playing itself, wondering about the future.

The history of the village and its inhabitants leaks from its ancient stones and reveals a tenacious and authentic character. This is what the inhabitants carry out and defend in their shows at the Poor Theater of Monticchiello.

They also demonstrate this strength with the creation of a Community Cooperative, a new social model where citizens are both producers and users of goods and services.

Parco Vivo is a Community Cooperative born from the desire to enhance the naturalistic, historical and cultural aspects of the mountain village Vivo d’Orcia, starting from a deep knowledge of the area.

From visiting the sources of Monte Amiata and all the environments that have developed around this circuit, the intent is to bring the population closer to the knowledge of this historical culture.

Parco Vivo

Parco Vivo is located in Vivo d’Orcia, on Monte Amiata, in a beech and chestnut wood where the Ermicciolo springs that can be visited, a few meters from the church of the same name founded by San Romualdo in the 11th century.

A few meters from the parking lot, there is a picnic area equipped with braziers and numerous trekking routes suitable for all ages, totally immersed in nature.

Bagni San Filippo

Small village between the Orcia Valle and Monte Amiata, known since ancient times for the warm thermal waters that here have created a magical landscape of white limestone formations, waterfalls and small hot tubs, where you can bathe totally immersed in nature. The free baths are located on the course of the Fosso Bianco river, where it is possible to visit the White Whale, a huge limestone boulder which, due to its rounded shapes and typical white color, can resemble the literary character.

The particular geographical location and the small size of the village have ensured that the place maintain a natural and wild aspect: this characteristic of privacy and total contact with nature create an innate and lasting attraction.

From the mountain woods,
To the views of the valley


Half day or full day activity to exchange knowledge and acquire authentic knowledge and flavours.