Parco Vivo, Località Ermicciolo
Rifugio Parco Vivo

The activity is individual, so you can start at a time that suits you
Duration of the activity: approximately 3 hours

€50 adult, €20 child 6-14 years, including:
authorized environmental guide, material for collecting herbs, small recipe book

Sometimes lumping everyone together can have its positive implications...

Via delle Sorgenti, Vivo d’Orcia

The ancient art of foraging is a practice of foraging for edible wild herbs and berries. The purpose of our meeting will be to recognize, collect and learn to cook wild herbs in the company of an authorized environmental guide, in the splendid setting of Mount Amiata. From thyme to nettle, from vitabbia to “stridolacchio”, it will be a direct opportunity to get closer to ancient knowledge and indulge in the preparation of dishes with a rough and authentic taste. Do you also want to book a real cooking class? Click here.


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