Granaio del Teatro Povero
Piazza Nuova, 1 - Monticchiello

The activity is individual so you can start at the time you prefer
Duration of the activity: approximately 4 hours

€60 adult, €15 child 3-5 years, €25 child 6-14 years, including:
guided tour of Monticchiello, guided tour of the TepoTraTos Museum, 3-course lunch, drinks included

Suitable for those who love exchanging relationships with local people and acquiring authentic knowledge and flavours.

Piazza Nuova, 1 – Monticchiello

The visit to Monticchiello is not just a tourist tour, but a direct experience to be had with a volunteer from the Teatro Povero cooperative. The medieval village has a very interesting history to learn about, a past of resistance and strong attachment to its traditions, which has established itself by opening up to the general public with the birth of the theater in 1967. The visit therefore retraces both the historical deeds and the most recent ones, going to the open-air theater squares and the TePoTraTos Museum. The day ends with a meal at the Bronzino cooperative restaurant, where traditional local dishes are offered, with a careful eye on local wines and seasonal products. If you like this program, but to be done by bike, look at this proposal here.


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