Ciclofficine del Teatro a Bagno Vignoni
Address : Strada di Bagno Vignoni, 1A

h.10,00 am
Tour duration: approximately 9 hours

€70 adult, children up to 12 years €20, including:
Transport, visits as described and authorized environmental guide

Suitable for those who love exchanging experiences with local people and acquiring authentic knowledge and flavours.

Piazza Nuova, 1 – Monticchiello

The full day tour is a unique opportunity to get to know the two community cooperatives Amiata – Val d’Orcia Parco Vivo and Teatro Povero di Monticchiello. Departing from Bagno Vignoni, the tour tells of a region deeply linked to its territory and to the products that have made it famous. Wheat and water come together in a perfect union between ancient and modern mills, hotthermal and cold drinkable springs.

In the morning the tour will touch the Spedaletto Castle with a visit to a mill, then the medieval village of Monticchiello with entrance to the TePoTraTos Museum. Free lunch with the possibility of eating at the Bronzino cooperative restaurant. In the afternoon we will go to the village of Vivo d’Orcia to visit the famous Ermicciolo source and to Bagni San Filippo to photograph the White Whale, a limestone concretion with a unique charm.


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